PV for Can I Cry?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Aya filmed her PV for Can I Cry? on the 6th. She hasn't said when we can possibly see it, but here's to hoping that it's soon! Below are some preview images for it.

This is where the dance shots were taken. According to Aya, it's in the elevator of a parking lot. It'll be interesting to see how that turned out.

This is a preview of the close-up / singing scenes. It appears as though Aya seems to really like having her two dancers to make it look like a group. I can think of a couple of girls who would be better backup dancers that she should have.

I think this is one of the ending shots, and it actually makes it look like the PV could end up being pretty cool.

The crew!

I'm interested in seeing how it turned out. I think it at least definitely looks way better than Keep My Heart Secret PV was!

Also, it appears as though Aya will appear on ラジオ番組~JohnnyのハピSTAR★MUSIC~ on April 23. I'm not sure if we can listen to it live, but it looks like they'll put up mp3s of the show after! I think it may just be them playing Fly Away and I'm not sure if Aya will be live or get an interview, but this is at least good promotion for her!

Posted by Nevi


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