Aya's Upcoming Live

Friday, March 18, 2011

Aya and Aki are both safe and will still be doing their live on March 21. They plan to donate the profit to the relief funds for the recent disaster in Japan. I'm glad to see that they're still going to be performing, and that they're doing what they can to help. Our girls have such big hearts!

Aya posted a video of her performing a song called "Alive" from her newest mini-album. Please have a listen, as it's a very nice song!

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everlasting has a forum!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Although SweetS have been disbanded for about five years now, I decided to make a forum. This is mostly so SweetS fans can all come together once again, because we seem to never stop being fans!

Miori and Aya both have their own sections and I suspect that these will be the two most active areas. I hope everyone joins so we can help support these two girls together!

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Record Release Live in Tokyo

Monday, February 28, 2011

I sang at Shinshuku

Everybody, thank you so much for coming

It was so much fun!!

Everyone's warm cheering made me become powerful, so I was able to sing at MAX power

I'll get excited again next week in Osaka

The Setlist ♪

2.Fly Away
3.Can I Cry?
4.Hard To Say
5.Dance Showcase
6.Go My Way
8.Akai Ito
9.Keep My Heart Secret
10.Dear Friends

*Say Yes!

Thank you for waiting!
I'm sorry I kept everyone who was looking forward to it waiting (>_<)

The good news is...

I'm having a live with AKI of SweetS!!

It'll be at Fan J in Shinsaibashi on 3/21.

For ticket reservations, at my HP you can start reserving by phone on 3/15 and you'll be able to have your preference on where to sit

I'll announce the details later

We'll each have a solo song and we'll have a duet, etc. We're planning for it to be diverse 45-minute long sending off

This is a rare opportunity
Everybody please come, ok?

There's one more live announcement!

On 3/26 at Benten Street's ORC I'll be a guest

I'll tell the times for this one soon

I'm getting ready for tomorrow's trip to Tokyo... Goodnight for today
(( _ _ ))..zzzZZ

Thank you very much! Everyone in Tokyo!!!

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